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  • クインテッサホテル大阪心斎橋にて「ムスリムフレンドリー」の対応を開始


To make Muslim customers more comfortable, Quintessa Hotel Osaka-Shinsaibashi provides Muslim Friendly menu from February 1, 2020.

Restaurant “PLAUSSIO” in Quintessa Hotel Osaka-Shinsaibashi 1st floor is now providing Muslim Friendly breakfast menu.

Breakfast buffet (Overview)

【料金】大人1,300円 小人700円 (税・サ込)

Restaurant name : PLAUSSIO (1st floor)
Open : 7:00~9:30
Phone number : 06-6252-3301
Price : Adult ¥1,300 Child (4~12 years old) ¥700 (include service charge and tax)
Note : Disposable cups and cutlery are available.

We are strictly managing the provided food according to the guidance policy.

ムスリムフレンドリーメニュー Muslim Friendly Menu

タブーレ Tabbouleh◆タブーレ Tabbouleh

ツナの青菜炒め Tuna with stir-fried vegetablesツナの青菜炒め Tuna with stir-fried vegetables

ロティサリーチキンとチリビーンズ Rotisserie chicken and chili beans◆ロティサリーチキンとチリビーンズ Rotisserie chicken and chili beans

クリスピーフィッシュフライとクスクス Crispy fry fish and couscous◆クリスピーフィッシュフライとクスクス Crispy fry fish and couscous

Room Service

Qiblah mark is provided in the room.
※Installed on the table.

Prayer mat and Quran can be borrowed at the front desk.